4 Best Overhead Storage Racks That You Can Add to Your Garage

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Keeping useful items in the garage is a stressful task because those items might get spilled with water or get splattered with grease while they are on the floor of your garage. Those are only a few examples that can make things go wrong. With that said, we can offer the best alternative to avoid those inconvenient events. You can start using overhead storage racks in your garage and store them in a high place. So here the best overhead storage racks that you can add to your garage.

MonsterRAX 4 X 4 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Among the overhead garage storage racks that we need to tackle first is this one. It’s a storage rack for the garage that is adjustable, and you can customize the length on its ceiling drop. There are three adjustable lengths: 12-21 inches Drop-Length, 18-33 inches Drop-Length, and 24-45 inches Drop-Length. This overhead rack comes with grade 8 hardened bolts to be connected to the ceiling quickly.

One of its quality specs is the wire decking that is heavy-duty with a waterfall structure made from the 14-gauge metal, and this storage rack for the garage handle materials weighing around 300 pounds. Although the weight limit this storage rack can hold is six hundred pounds, this excellent storage unit’s breaking strength is 1500 pounds.

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NewAge Product 4ftx8ft Ceiling Mount Garage Storage Rack

This storage unit is from a reliable brand of making an overhead storage rack for the garage. It’s designed with thirteen extra gauge durable metal, and it’s coated with scratch and rust-resistant powder. It’s also available in gloss white and Hammertone grey colors.

The heavy-duty metal of this storage rack can withstand materials with a weight of 600 points, which gives you 104 cubic feet of storage space. With that said, it is capable of holding bulky and large items overhead in the garage. The width is adjustable from 6 feet to 8 feet, and it’s easy to adjust this rack from 27 inches to 42 inches in height.

Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The breaking strength of this overhead storage rack is more than 400 pounds of weight. It’s an excellent choice to guarantee the maximization of the garage space. This product is made of industrial-strength material, and the finish is powder-coated. Its ceiling drop-down is capable of serving customized needs and adjusts them from 24 inches to 45 inches.

The loading and carrying capacity of this rack is around 250 pounds. The dimension of the frame is 4×4, and the weight is about 46.5 pounds. It’s exceptionally durable and handy to use if you wish to use dead space in the garage for storing items to be safe from liquids that might get spilled on them.

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Racor Garage Ceiling Storage Rack

This storage rack is 4×4, and it can offer durability, and the design capacity will provide extra storage space of sixteen square feet. Its durable support beam and the 4×4 foot platforms are made from excellent quality materials. This storage rack comes with a unique pull out system that allows people to lower and raise the items quickly from the ceiling.

With the winding axle to work in conjunction with its pull out system, this overhead storage rack can easily hold your items’ weight when you lower and lift them from this storage rack. It also features the innovative lock for safety to guarantee an excellent grip when you lower or raise the ceiling materials. 


A garage is a sacred and protected place for our vehicles; that is why we should avoid making it crowded. If you want to use any free space in the garage without consuming any floor space, we suggest that you start using overhead storage racks. These storage units can help you store items overhead and withstand any weight you put there.

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