What is the Best Car Charger?

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Mobile phones are vital in this current era. We use them often, in almost everything. From making calls, sending messages, connecting on social media, to more sensitive stuff like ordering meals—they are inseparable. Therefore, having a car charger isn’t about luxury, but rather convenience.

Have you ever left the house without your phone? How does that feel? Didn’t you go back to get it? Yes, that’s how important a phone is in this current day and age. We normally forget chargers at home, only to realize that our phone’s battery is running red. Wouldn’t it be great, therefore, if you had a constant charger in your car? One you can rely on, even when you forget yours at home.

Besides, we spend most of our time in the car during the day. So, it wouldn’t hurt if you had a charger to boost your phone while you’re probably stuck in traffic. But which car charger should you buy? Here’s how to know the right charger for your device:

The Best Car Charger Should Have Durable Construction Material

How strong is your car charger? Often, we consider all other features save for the construction material when buying electronics. While you may argue that it’s not that important, we beg to differ.

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USB chargers made from metal last longer than their plastic counterparts. They also have an aesthetically pleasing look, with a smooth-feeling base. In addition, they are scratch-resistant and considerably tough.

Metallic car chargers equally help to dissipate heat. This is an advantage for users who charge multiple devices, as chargers get hot sometimes. The plastic variant can still handle the heat, but not as good as its metallic sister. The only downside is that metallic USB chargers tend to cost a bit more.

It Should Have Sufficient Amperage

The amperage of a car charger is its output. What power does it deliver? This is an essential factor to consider when dealing with such components. Amperage is the measure of how this power goes into a device.

The standard amperage should be about 2.4 amps, to ensure that you can charge your devices effectively. Different devices have their distinct power usage, and you’ll love to have a car charger that fits all of them. You can get a car charger variant with an amperage as low as just one amp. However, such will only waste your time.

The Best Car Charger Should Have Light up Ports

Keep the aesthetic reasons aside for this one, and also focus on the convenience. A car charger with ports that light up is not only about beauty but also about usability. With such a provision, you can easily locate the ports at night, without having to use another light source.

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Imagine a case where you’re driving at night, and your phone gives you a battery-low warning. You wouldn’t want to fumble around with the ports, as tiny as they are, trying to charge your device. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply plug in your phone then?

With a lit-up car charger, you don’t have to struggle. Just check on the lit port and plug in your device, even as you maintain your concentration on the road. It’s one way to minimize distractions while driving, besides the fact that they look pretty decent – did we mention that?

It Should Have Sufficient Number of Ports

An effective car charger should have enough ports to get all your devices juiced up. Unless you only want to always charge a single device, don’t buy a car charger with one port. Besides, even if you only own a single device, what about other people you move around from within your vehicle?

Select at least one dual USB car charger, or one with multiple ports if you can. The more the merrier.


Does your car charger have certification from credible regulatory bodies? This helps to distinguish genuine electronic products from the fake variants. The test of international safety performance is important.

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Some of the certifications you should see on your car charger include CE, FCC, USB-IF, CCC, and UL. If possible, the charger should have all of them. In addition, a guarantee from an insurance company is important. This helps to reassure your rights as a consumer, and the safety of usage.

The Ideal Car Charger Should Be Versatile

Versatility is yet another important factor to consider when looking for the best car charger. In this case, we are talking about the ability to use the charger in any region. Therefore, the car charger should have AC adapters suitable for Europe, Britain, Austria, and America. You may want to change regions and still use the same charger.

Final Thoughts

In summary, all the above factors are the typical things to look out for when purchasing a car charger. Take time to research and analyze other features too before picking your choice.

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